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Learning ReactJS

September 6th, 2019 by

So I’ve been learning ReactJS which is a Javascript library/framework which allows you to easily create modular apps/websites using Javascript (which is a language I’m good at). So far I’ve created three apps (though one is more of a static clone of Twitter) which I’m pretty proud of.

The first project I did was a Twitter clone which I created just as a simple exercise in applying what I’d learned by reading the ReactJS book I have called “React Quickly” by Azat Mardan. I started out just by creating one card (for a tweet) and then using the Array.map() function to create a list of these cards using static data I had prepared ahead of time.

Twitter clone (It’s pretty simple which is good for a first app)

Overall, the book was pretty complicated and I understood the first parts, but it was written for somebody who can take in a lot of information and understand complicated topics easily. But I didn’t give up and I was finally able to write my first React app. And I went on to write more.

The next app I created was a weather app which uses the API of OpenWeatherMap.org to make requests to their server and get the weather for a particular city. I used some free icons I found on FlatIcon.com which worked pretty well and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. You can see the app live at http://weather-app.timothygrindall.com.

My next app was even more of a challenge which used the API of hn.algolia.com to basically create a working clone of the site. The API functionality was very similar to the weather app but had some differences. You can see the app at https://algolia-hacker-news.timothygrindall.com and you can see the original site at https://hn.algolia.com/. Overall I think I got it pretty close.

I started in basic web design so I’m pretty good at styling pages (or at least using CSS). I think that is not one of my weaknesses.

For you coders out there, if you want to see my code for these projects you can see it at my Github page at https://github.com/timgrindall. Repositories are:

  1. algolia-hacker-news-app
  2. weather-app
  3. react-social-app

Now I’m kinda out of ideas for what to do next but I think I’d like to learn to use Redux which is a pretty cool technology (it works with ReactJS). Anyways, if you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments and I will try to get to your comment and approve it so it turns up.

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