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Timothy’s 10 Laws of Computing

May 14th, 2019 by

I made up this list last night just for fun so I could post it on this blog. It’s not really a list of real “laws” but is rather some things that I thought were funny. I guess you’d have to be a computer nerd to understand them.

  1. Never start a process or ask a computer to do something that you don’t want it to do.
  2. Never stop a process or something that you do not want to stop.
  3. Never start multiple processes when your utilities are not sufficient.
  4. Never hit a button just because you don’t know what it does.
  5. Always buy a faster computer than you need now.
  6. More RAM is always better.
  7. Wait, you thought 8K was going to be enough? (In my humble opinion 4K is enough for small screens)
  8. Old computers make great boat anchors.
  9. Moore’s law is not a law.
  10. Computers are the new kid on the block. Use a pencil and paper when your computer isn’t available.

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