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Old-New Song 2.0

April 11th, 2019 by

So I wrote this song to communicate sadness and heaviness. I thought before that it was an old song and the first part is, but I’ve added to it and now it’s a new song. Hence the title. This song is inspired by a memory of mine which is very sad, so I guess that’s my inspiration.

Overall it uses entirely diatonic chords meaning in this case that it uses no ‘black’ notes on the keyboard. But I think it sounds fine in spite of that. Part of this song is in 6/8 time but most of it is in 4/4 time which I think lends it an interesting quality (the combination of the two).

Tell me what you think about this song in the comments!

One thought on "Old-New Song 2.0"

  • This is a beautiful way to turn a sad memory into something good, a super way of redeeming a difficulty for something that bring praises:) Thanks for posting it!

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